e-tipi, Collaborative Thinking Platform

A 2.0 approach for the enterprises and organizations

Web-based Collaborative Thinking Platform, built to offer companies an enterprise-class idea management solution at an affordable price.

e-tipi provides all the necessary features to animate your communities:

  • Idea Management, Blogs, Private messages
  • High level of notification (email, digest, twitter, rss)
  • Events and Agenda
  • Polls
  • Resources and File sharing
  • Memberboard
  • Activity reports

We developed a complete API set so that it is easy to integrate e-tipi with any existing platform, including e-learning, CRM or RH platforms. Of course, this API can also be used to integrate e-tipi with a company intranet.

Whether to complete your training with Social Learning to animate your distribution or build your marketing resources, e-tipi can meet your needs at a lower cost.

Learning, e-learning and Social Learning

Blended learning solutions have emerged in the market of professional training. Training centres should not only offer catalogues of generic training. They must complete their offers with long-term follow-up of learners, regular webinars, and learner evaluation in order to better prepare onsite sessions. By offering collaborative spaces, organization are able to provide training spread over time with efficient monitoring.

  • Continuity between onsite and online modules
  • Preparation face training
  • Centralized document distribution
  • Space talk for students and trainers
  • Improved knowledge through sharing experience
  • Expert detection

The animation of a distribution network requires effective, fast and easy to use communication even in difficult conditions. In the classical Central Purchasing / Stores architecture, the vertical diffusion of information is no longer sufficient. To adapt to a highly competitive market and to better understand customer expectations, it is necessary to provide staff (department heads, vendors, store managers) transversal spaces in which to share information and contact each other allowing them to customize solutions and improve sales pitches or initiate training.

  • Improvement of the flow of information (lateral communication)
  • Nomad usage from the stores
  • Centralization of vertical communication (to stores)
  • Animation of sales force

e-tipi does feel like something that could well operate as fertile ground for the generation and refinement of ideas. I like the sense of freedom inherent in the site, and the potential for unstructured, loose collaboration with a wide number of viewers.